The IPhone 4 is Great

The iPhone 4 is a fantastic device. It is arguably the best smartphone on the market, and may be the most successful consumer electronics device the world has ever known. I have owned the iPhone 4 since day one. I reserved it, and yes, I was one of those crazy people who spent most of the day waiting in line to pick up their “reserved” device. It was worth it, and I’d do it all over again.
The iPhone 4 is loaded with features; it’s hard to know what the best part of the device is. The screen is off the charts. Apple calls it the “retina display” because they claim the closeness of the pixels is beyond what the human eye can discern. They are right; it’s really hard, if not impossible, to see pixels on the screen.

The iPhone 4 is fast. I am very quick with technology, and this device can keep up with me. It switches from one app to another very speedily. Web pages load rapidly.

The ability to see one another during a call on a handheld, wireless device was something we only knew from the Jetsons — until now. Apple calls it Facetime, and it allows two people talking to one another on their iPhone 4’s to see the other person. It is extremely cool.

The iPhone 4 doesn’t just have a great camera, it is a great camera. It takes sharp pictures. It takes HD video (720p). No need to carry another device with me. It’s that good.

In recent days, the volume of complaints from consumers about the iPhone 4 has begun to rise. See, the device is not as great of a phone as many would have hoped for. Too frequently it drops calls. This seems to come when users hold the phone by gripping the lower left hand corner of the iPhone 4. In an attempt to save space and to create a great looking and feeling device, Apple designers hid the iPhone 4’s multiple antennas in the metallic band that circumnavigates the outside of the device. Great idea in a lot of respects, but it can cause what’s referred to as “signal attenuation.” Essentially, this is a fancy term for what results when a cell phone signal is lost as it travels from a device and through the human body.

Personally, I have not had any issues as a result of the design. Sure, I’ve dropped some calls, but that has always been the case with other iPhone’s I’ve owned. Add the device to AT T;’s less than perfect service, and an occasional dropped call is simply a way of life. By keeping my iPhone 4 in Apple’s “Bumper” case, the issues basically disappear.

Now, I am sure some users have experienced a greater number of issues that I have, and dropping a call can certainly be annoying. Nonetheless, the iPhone 4 is such an incredible device, one issue with one feature, albeit not insignificant, should not overshadow the fact that this device is truly awesome. I struggle to find another smartphone on the market that does as many things, and as many things as well, as the iPhone 4. Yes, the occasional dropped call can be annoying, but given all of the greatness that comes with a little bit of disappointment, there is no doubt: The iPhone 4 is still the best smartphone on the market, and potentially the greatest consumer electronics device ever made.