Shoot the Cue ball to hit the pocket

Whenever you hear about the cue ball and pocket, two things can strike your mind. Either we are talking about billiards or pool. Well, to be precise you have the right guess. The pool is also formally known as pocket billiards mostly in North America or even pool billiards in Europe and Australia. The pool is similar to the billiard with a minor difference with the size of the table, the color of the balls namely “solids” and “stripes” and the size of the cue which is the stick one use to hit the cue ball to strike the object ball.

The pool is extremely interesting game. There are hundreds of pool games. Some of the popular pool games are eight ball, nine ball, straight pool, one pocket, bank pool and many more. It belongs to the family of cue sports and games. The main objective of the play is to deposit the object balls into the six pockets that are present along the rails of the pool table with the help of a cue ball and a cue. The most common type of pool played is the eight ball. It is extremely famous in the United States, and there is a certain rule to follow.

Pool games are addictive to everyone, and one can play with their friends and challenge them. In recent time the android store has developed a game called 8 ball pool. It is similar to the original pool game, but the difference is you can play it on your phones or tablets, and you can play anywhere you want and at any time. Millions of people across the world play the eightball pool game. You can play a single player or with the computer, or even you can challenge your friends for a game. It has an excellent graphics, and you can play as a guest or even join using your Google or Facebook account which helps to save your progress in the game. In this game, you can collect coins, and cash to upgrade your cues and also earn free coins every day by using websites such as

Rules to play eight ball:

The game is played with a rack of fifteen balls along with the eight ball

One player must hit the cue ball and claim a suit namely the solids or the stripes

Legally you must pocket all the balls of the same suit by striking with the cue ball and then only you can pocket the 8 ball.

If anyone hits the ball of another suit without hitting the ball of his suit, then there is foul, and the opponent gets a chance to place the cue ball according to their position and hit their choice.

In this game, it has an excellent tutorial to place and position your cue ball and then hit your spot.

To conclude about the game, one can say that though pool table requires space and two players, an eightball pool game on your phone requires only you and your concentration.