Samsung S5600 Preston Black Review

Samsung S5600 Preston Black is one of the latest touchscreen smartphones released by Samsung. The smartphone market is very crowded and there is intense competition among the existing phones. The leader in this category is Apple iPhone but other mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson are regularly releasing new smartphones to challenge the iPhone dominance. So how does Samsung S5600 Preston Black stand in this crowded mobile phone category? Read on to get an in-depth review of the latest offering from Samsung.
Samsung S5600 Preston Black Review

Looks – Samsung S5600 Preston Black looks really good in deep black color. The 2.8 inch touchscreen is fantastic and it can display up to 16 million colors. The phone has good design and the touch screen is responsive. In short, Samsung S5600 Preston Black has the looks of a luxurious and expensive smartphone.

Size and Weight – The S5600 Preston is a light smartphone as it weighs only 92 grams. Its dimensions are comparable with other slim smartphones and stand at 102.8 mm tall, 54.8 mm wide and 12.9 mm deep.

Camera – Samsung S5600 Preston Black has a good camera that captures stunning photographs. The camera has a 3 Megapixel lens with LED flash and also has an autofocus to help you capture better images. The camera also supports geo-tagging and video recording. Even though the number of megapixel is not on the higher side, Samsung S5600 gives you clear and sharp pictures.

Multimedia – Samsung S5600 Preston Black supports a number of audio and video file formats to give you a complete multimedia experience. The sound quality coming out of this little machine is really amazing and the videos look good on the screen. The phone also comes with the FM radio, something that is not present in all the smartphones.

Network and Connectivity – Samsung S5600 Preston is a 3G enabled phone. You can connect it to many devices such as laptops, computers and other phones through USB, GPRS, Bluetooth and EDGE. It supports Quad band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900) on 3G technology. The S5600 also offers good internet browsing experience through its support of HTML, XHTML and WAP 2.0.

Memory – This is one area where Samsung could have improved. The Samsung S5600 Preston Black comes with an internal memory of 80 Megabytes only. However it does support an external memory stick of up to 16 GB.

Other features – Samsung S5600 also offers many other features such as speaker phone, alarm, calendar, calculator and call log. It also supports GPS navigation that allows you to find directions through maps in various countries.

Conclusion – Samsung S5600 Preston Black is a good addition to the touchscreen smartphones category. It is not the best smartphone out there but for the people looking for an inexpensive and functional touchscreen phone, it surely packs a punch.