How to download Simcity BuildIt? And know how to build homes?

BuildIt resembles with the original game as here player has to build a city that includes fire departments, hospitals, police departments, parks, schools, and buildings.

Player will get the same feel as they got in the original version of the game. The game is simple as you have to play a role of a builder. The game is good for those who love to architect, and they can develop skills like –managerial skills, organizing and investing skills. Simcity BuildIt is a mobile game that has few different features to give the advantage to the touchscreen users. It is free to download, but the only things that annoy players are in-app purchases.

The graphic of the latest Simcity BuildIt is quite impressive and attractive. A task of building and manufacturing materials for residential buildings, factories and stores are given to the players. Along with this, some cash is also given to the players for the first time. Playing it is a fun activity as it is full of entertainment and different tasks that will never make you bore if you use a simcity buildit hack.

It is an interactive game where players can interact with other players for bargaining and trading to get resources of their necessity. Thus, interested people can download this game in their android devices and start building their city of dreams.

How to download SimCity BuildIt Hack?

Since it is available for mobile users as well, therefore, you can find it in the play store. Search for this game on the store and simply download from there. Search for the latest version of the game to avail the benefits of the new features of the game. If you don’t find the game in the store then simply search for it on the web. There are many links from where you can download the game on your android. It is available in APK file and other file as well.

SimCity BuildIt gives a real feeling of city developers to the players. Unlike other games, it has unique graphics that will make you feel good.

How to build residential zone in SimCity BuildIt?

Player has to build buildings in the residential zone. To build it tap the icon that will pop up on the right side of the mobile screen. A map will display on the screen showing the residential buildings. Little info about buildings will also be displayed on the screen such as

total number of buildings, number of buildings ready for up gradation, buildings with no residents, etc.

You can view the zone into two different views- wealth forecast and land value. To build a building you have to drag the zone onto a map. A white line will show the footprint of your buildings. Your buildings should not overlap with other property. To view more detail, zoom the view and tap green checkmark and confirm your choice.

Tap X and exit the residential zone. You will now see a yellow colored icon, tap it to see the building plans. In building plan, you will see what materials you will need to build homes, XP rewards, simoleon, and the population of the building. Rewards will be given once construction of buildings is completed. Manufacture all the materials in the factory. If you see a green check mark, it means you already have the item.

So, this is how you can build homes in Simcity BuildIt.