Big Changes Coming for Television Remotes

In the summer of 2010, I entered the market for a new cell phone when my old Blackberry Storm became too slow and did not work properly. It seems I had finally dropped it one too many times. I wanted to stay with Verizon, so I looked at what they had to offer. At the end of the day, I ended up purchasing Verizon’s HTC Incredible. I liked this phone for a number of reasons:

1.) Easily accessible e-mail: With the Incredible, e-mails from many accounts can be accessed with the tap of a finger, without having to sign in with a username or password. By selecting the “Mail” icon on the main menu, I can see e-mails easily. A function like this is important to me as a student, because I have several accounts at this point. With many other phones, accessing e-mail means finding your account through the internet and signing in from there, which takes a much larger amount of time.

2.) Satisfying text-messaging capabilities: The HTC Incredible has text-messaging much like that of Apple’s IPhone. Texting is much easier than with previous phones as there is a keyboard that pops up upon which you tap the letters and numbers using the touch screen. Also much simpler is sending photos and videos using the text messaging feature.

3.) Having the ability to utilize apps: One great feature I love about smartphones is the ability to install applications to make your experience all the more better. On my phone I have an app for Amazon Kindle. I can read books on my phone. I am also a fan of fantasy football, so I have apps for CBS sports and Yahoo sports. For my background, I have an aquarium with interactive fish, another app that can be acquired. At this point, there is an application for almost anything, and almost all of them are free or very cheap.
The HTC Incredible is a great phone for users like myself. However there are some characteristics of the phone that others may not like.

1.) Touch screen: As I mentioned before activities like texting or surfing the internet are touch screen based. People with perhaps not quite as nimble fingers as mine may find navigating the screens more difficult. Also, touch screen use may be difficult for women who have longer nails. The touch screen is skin activated which may make some activities awkward. 2.) Short battery life: Almost a universal characteristic with smart phones is a shorter battery life. With many more capabilities, smartphones have many more functions to power. My one complaint about the HTC Incredible would be the battery life. With heavy usage, I may not be able to make it throughout the day, say 9am to 10pm, without my phone dying. However, I do not often use my phone that much and can get away with simply charging every night.

The HTC Incredible truly is a great phone and I recommend prospective smartphone buyers to consider it. While very similar to other smartphones like the IPhone, the Incredible has many superior qualities, like its e-mail capabilities and, what I perceive to be, faster internet. The Incredible fit my needs and personality, will it fit yours?